BEST PRANKS AND FUNNY TRICKS || Awesome Prank DIYs to Turn You Into A Master-Prankster!

  • No way this is a real hand😱! Lily you've totally been pranked!
    Find out how to pull a prank on your bestie watching our funny prank tutorial!
    You'll know how to make a joke with your sibling, how to make your friends laugh and have fun any time you want!
    Awesome food pranks will teach you how to treat your roomie with yummy onion tea or chocolate pickles:)
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    00:07 Funny fake hand prank on your bestie
    00:52 Awesome bathroom prank with toilet paper
    03:56 Hilarious food prank epic prank wars
    05:12 DIY food prank with chocolate
    08:02 Fake snake prank tutorial
    10:01 Funny bloopers
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